Hi! I’m Stephen Robinson. Thanks for stopping by.

Founder and Group Chairman of Vital-Tel.com

With over 25 years in the Telecommunications sector, I have worked within this exciting industry and seen almost limitless changes.  Its never dull and still enjoyable every day. The difference is, the world we live in today has embraced technology in ways unfathomable twenty years ago. An early adopter of any new ‘tech’ available, like the latest Smartphone – now a way of life. I have enjoyed beta testing every new release from great companies like Apple, with their coveted iPhone unbelievably now almost ten years old.  As a result of this evolving IT our lives have changed immeasurably. Yet this technology keeps us engaged and ever more intertwined with the communications sector.  If it’s not already obvious, ask yourself, when did you last spend a day without looking at your smartphone?

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