Latest Updates

Aug 2017 – allin1Conference for Vital business customers re-launched on SSL.


Vital Telcom has redesigned and modernised allin1Conference a business conference service with a unique appeal. Complimenting the alli1number cloud PBX and Communication Suite, the conference facility was redesigned for efficiency and optimisation purposes. The service is now simpler to use and takes less time to set-up and is able to be offered to a wider range of business customers, however now its completely secure after being upgraded to SSL.

All associated tasks to set up an allin1Conference call are now uniquely automated, retaining total security with more efficiency for each business customer. The new service introduces procedures to provide users with more confidence that they will be notified of their scheduled call. As importantly in the manor most suitable for each customer, ensuring they never miss another call.  From diary entries upon setup, to emailed reminders early morning of each scheduled call.  Users may even uniquely choose their final reminder as an; email, text or a phone call, just ten minutes prior to the scheduled allin1Conference call.  Our newest option is for participants to opt to be called and seamlessly connected into the scheduled conference.

The conference initiator has the choice to record calls, all parties would be duly notified in advance, then following the call can automatically be distributed a copy of the recording.  With our unique domain name verification security, all employees can utilise the service with confidence. An e-mail notifies upon set up, the details of all participants, to the Company Administrator ensuring no inappropriate usage occurs.


July 2017 – Our upgraded to SSL.

With our visitors in mind we have added the combined security of SSL in combination with the McAfee certification trustmark displayed on every page. We wanted to ensure our bloggers know the Worlds largest dedicated security Company has tested and certified our blog as being secure. So you may rest assured all components of our website and blog now operate under the high security of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your security is our priority.